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Anissia L. and Angelie Harris

Welcome to Gradient Shift, our prime mission is to provide the highest quality

screen printing while charging very genuinely according to the market.


We also believe in promoting creative atmosphere for our customers.


We believe that every customer is important and therefore we do not impose any

type of minimum requirement on their order.



With our in-house designer (Angelie), we strive to bring our customer’s vision to

reality with colors.


We always work hard to keep our customers happy and satisfied, hence we never compromise on the



Quality: The utmost priority of Gradient Shift is the quality of our products and services. Unlike others in

the market, we simply refuse to compromise on quality for a larger profit margin. We want each and every

customer of ours to leave with satisfaction and the feeling that they have received the best product.


Customer Service:  A happy customer can be achieved only through a pleasing customer service. We do

not follow the agenda of the modern world that preaches “Mass Quantity over Quality”. We do realize that

our customers are the sole reason of our survival in the competitive market and we will do anything and

everything within our power to fulfill the customer’s needs. The personalized touch in the order and

industry knowledge of Gradient Shift will make your experience wonderful and worth repeating.


Artistic Creativity:  The on-site graphic designer of Gradient Shift, is one among the owners of

the company and along with others we strive to provide you with designs that would meet up to 100% of

your expectation.



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