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Besides Cotton, what can I print on?


Screen printing can be done on many surfaces such as polyester, nylon, cardboard and few plastics. Printing is possible on any flat surfaces and also on some not-so flat surfaces. We always love to experiment to fit your order according to your imagination.


How many variants of colors can be printed?


All the colors including fluorescent, metallic and glitter colors can be printed. However, we can print up to eight colors at once.


I want to design a logo. Where do I start?


Our designer at Gradient Shift will help you get started by sitting and discussing with you. The designer will then sketch out some samples of what you might be interested in. With constant communication, your logo will soon be born.

What more can I do with my logo than just having them printed on T-shirts?


Your logo can be converted and used in different formats. We will be happy to accommodate your logo in website designs, business cards and even Vinyl signs if you want. You can check out our Services page to see other available options.


If I already have a design, what specifics do you need to work with?


An “ai” or “eps” (Adobe Illustrator or Encapsulated PostScript) file is preferred the most as these files are called vector art. If you are designing your own artwork then please use spot colors or enquire how to use them. File formats such as “.jpg”, “.gif”, “.png”, etc, will have to be recreated from scratch.



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